Giving Back.....The Carbon Farm Fund


Carbon Farming has the potential to restore balance within the carbon cycle in a way that will ameliorate climate change, build resilience to drought and increase our agricultural productivity naturally.

Fibershed engages with fiber producers and designers to support carbon cycle literacy and build a regenerative textile economy. To execute this Climate Beneficial Wool program in a manner that is positively transformational for the land, the land managers, and the brands, Fibershed’s Carbon Farm Fund provides direct support to carbon farming projects with no overhead cost. They administer funds for carbon farming practice implementation from their Carbon Farm Fund

That’s why Italia A Collection is giving back and donating 5%, on a community cloth purchased item, to the Carbon Farm Fund. You can be a part of sustainable local farming practices and make an impact on the carbon footprint when you purchase the Coastal Loungesuit, made from Climate Beneficial Wool.

Italia a Collection